Thursday, October 2, 2014

At the Independence Day Special Interactive Session with Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Trust you all had a splendid Independence Day celebration. Happy Independence Day to all our readers. I am sorry I could not come online all through yesterday. I had to attend some events in the spirit of Independence celebrations.

Let me first say that God has been faithful to us as a nation in the last 100 years of nationhood and 54 years of Independence. We have gone through the rigours of corruption, deficient leadership and above all terrorism to mention but a few and we are still standing strong.
I was privileged to attend the Independence Day Special Interactive Session with Pastor Sam Adeyemi at the Daystar Christian Centre, Ikeja yesterday. I would like to give brief highlights of the programme.
The senior pastor gave an insight into what it takes to solve Nigeria’s myriad problems. He humourously started the session by saying that Nigeria’s problems could be described as the outcomes from blind men told to touch the parts of the body of an elephant.

The Success Power host continued by saying that Nigeria has been spoilt by nature. He however said that Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria. From the pastor’s perspective, the cardinal points from which individuals can impact the nation are basically nine categories of influence namely Government, Family, Sports, Media, Religion, Education, Economy, Entertainment, Science and Technology.
An average of two persons spoke on the nine areas of influence. He pinpointed the fact that “if you try to control what you have no power over, you have signed a contract with frustration.” In his words, “You cannot solve Nigeria’s problem beyond your purpose. Everyone in Nigeria will not and cannot solve her problems at the same time but God needs some people.”
I believe Nigeria can be better off when we start aligning ourselves to our purpose in our everyday activities. God bless Nigeria!