Saturday, May 5, 2012


Irrespective of the number of years of military rule in Nigeria, I am in the class of the people that believes that Nigeria ought to be better and greater by now. This is not because of the political manifestos of our leaders or the freedom of expression. I would not want us to start the debate of whether Nigeria is a nation or a country. Politics without principles will only plunge our Nigeria deeper and deeper in corruption and injustice.

In Nigeria today, anyone that wants to make a difference is seen as an antagonist. Martin Luther King (Jr.) was seen as such in America many years ago. However the result of his “antagonism” is there today for everyone to see – Barrack Obama. Records are meant to be broken, bars are meant to be raised. We cannot say that investors should come into Nigeria when we are not ready to empower our people. The enduring legacies of our founding fathers are still in place today in various structures and institutions. Chief Obafemi Awolowo craved for the empowerment of the Southwest. Nigerians have benefited from his legacy of free education today in structures like the Obafemi Awolowo University. The Coca House and the Nigerian Television Authority both located in Ibadan are the results of his vision for Nigeria.

If at all we have been following the trends in Nigeria, we would have noticed some great disparity between what our leaders say and what they do. That is where the value edge seems to be falling off before our own very eyes. Nigerians have to begin to shoot at their target – the ideal Nigeria. To achieve this, I strongly believe that what we need to fear is fear itself. We are in a new era, we are in a new age, and we are not supposed to be given what we do not bargain for as a people. When we vote, we should put aside sentiments, resentments and frivolities. If our leaders perform below expectation, let us arise to challenge them. If they refuse to listen, then let us ask for their recall at their constituencies. Enough is enough.

Let us come up to the round table and discuss the way forward for our dear Nigeria. This is one of the reasons why this page has been put up for us to really dig deep into the basics of rebuilding our dear Nigeria. If Nigerians succeed abroad, then they should be able to succeed here in Nigeria. Let us remember that the more we keep silent, the more we become more vulnerable in our own Nigeria. The ruling class in Nigeria today is not up to 5% of the entire Nigerian population. Let us remind our leaders that they are leaders because we are followers. Let us hold them accountable and begin to think of voting out the “benchwarmers” amongst them. Let us free our minds and liberate our mentality. Post relevant suggestions, comments and constructive criticisms and let us break the vicious cycle of bad leadership and value disorientation. The New Nigeria would not be a coincidence. God bless Nigeria. 

My Nigerian Vision: I see Nigeria in the future having solid infrastructural development, utilizing state-of-the-art Information Technology facilities and well-trained and well-remunerated public and civil servants. I see Nigeria with a master plan that encompasses all the sectors of the economy with a view to planning for the security, environment and education of our youths. I see the best Nigerian technocrats giving the best advice on achieving the vision of a new Nigeria. Welcome to the future!!!
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